Importance of Wikipedia

A presence on the online encyclopedia called Wikipedia can improve the visibility of a business. Provided that certain criteria of notoriety and neutrality are respected. Create a Wikipedia page to present your company? What could be more logical to improve its visibility on the internet? According to the internet ranking, the online encyclopedia is the fifth most visited website. Wikipedia can also claim to be at the top of the search engine results. A Google query on certain subjects automatically offers a Wikipedia box on the right of the screen. Almost 60% of Internet users land on the platform via search engines. A significant exposure for an SME.

On Wikipedia, the form of all articles is similar, users easily know where to find information from one article to another. Public relations agency notably offers a service to individuals and businesses to create or improve articles on Wikipedia so that people get to know them.

Wikipedia is based on open access, both for reading and writing. The importance of Wikipedia cannot be ignored by any businessman or entrepreneur. That is to say that anyone, registered or not, can create or modify an article. In practice, the task is more complex. The encyclopedia works in community, with conventions that are sometimes neither written nor obvious.

Why to get a page on Wikipedia about a business?

If you are not aware of the importance of Wikipedia, you must read this whole article. It dominates the top search results on Google. It is one of the most visited websites in the world and almost everyone are aware of Wikipedia. No wonder that many companies would like to be represented with an entry in the online encyclopedia. However, this is not so easy.

First of all, your own company must be encyclopedically relevant – because unlike business directories, Wikipedia does not accept everyone. A company is considered relevant for an entry on Wikipedia if it fulfills at least one of the following points:

  • Employs at least 1000 full-time employees
  • Its annual turnover is more than 100 million dollars
  • Is traded on a stock exchange in the regulated market
  • Has at least 20 permanent establishments, branches, locations, branches or shops

These criteria are clearly provable because they are quantitative. In addition to them, there are other ways for companies to get an entry on Wikipedia:

  • Dominant position in a relevant product group
  • Innovative pioneering role in an area distinguished by imitators

Wikipedia page for clubs, associations, networks and citizens’ initiatives

Here the criteria differ from those of the companies. They are:

  • National importance
  • Special media attention
  • Special tradition
  • Significant number of members

Here, associations and other initiatives have to prove their suitability through media reports or entries in other encyclopedia.

Wikipedia page for people

There are a number of possible criteria for creating a Wikipedia page for people, which differ from one another depending on the industry. The people who are aware of all the importance of Wikipedia page for a business strive to get it to enhance their online visibility. The following are some important guidelines:

  • Mentioned in a recognized biographical reference book
  • General awareness – e.g. through participation in historical, political or other newsworthy events
  • Public relevance in the entertainment industry

For all contributions that correspond to one of the groups mentioned, the following naturally applies:

  • Only useful, relevant and well-founded information belongs in one entry.
  • Omitted entries not only harm Wikipedia as an encyclopedia, but also to those who spread the falsehood.
  • The Wikipedia community strictly monitors compliance with the criteria so that the quality of the entries is guaranteed.

How to make a success of your company’s Wikipedia page?

Which company has not dreamed of gaining free visibility on the Internet? The importance of Wikipedia can be judged by knowing that it is one of the most important notoriety on the webs all over the world, and offers more potential than attractiveness. And since everyone can participate in the online encyclopedia, the temptation is great to use it as a showcase. But before getting started, it is better to put on gloves because someone who does not respect the rules of Wikipedia, most likely his page or article get removed instantly.

What should you know before getting started? What are the importance of Wikipedia? Which information to communicate and which to withhold? What editorial style should you adopt? From testimonials collected from e-reputation professionals, discover the following tips to help you create your company’s Wikipedia page.

Adopt a neutral tone

It should not be forgotten that there are a lot of importance of Wikipedia. It is worth considering a Wikipedia page for your business. It is an encyclopedia and not a commercial showcase. As such, the encyclopedic tone of the pages is one of the main eligibility criteria. A page is created to inform a maximum of readers and not to promote a brand. On Wikipedia, the goal is not to sell but to inform.

Do not go blind

Creating your company’s Wikipedia page is a time investment. There is no point to do it yourself if you don’t want your content get removed. It would be a waste of time and therefore money. Wikipedia provides tools to help everyone write articles.

Do not get noticed

The moderators watch and question all the content on daily basis. And this is what enhances the importance of Wikipedia and makes it so successful. The more you blend into their community, the less suspicious your profile will be. If you create a page, the administrators of Wikipedia will sooner or later be interested in you.

The creation of a user account is essential to respect the transparency requirements of Wikipedia. But leaving anonymity will not be enough to protect you from moderation. It is preferable that you take action on other articles before starting to write your own page by suggesting.

Add sources as much as possible

Everything you put forward can be held against you during the discussion of your page between the moderators. What is not verifiable will be identified as such and potentially deleted as soon as possible. This is the law of Wikipedia and strictly followed in order to maintain the importance of Wikipedia along with its reputation.

Ensure respect for copyright

It is difficult to fool the moderators, especially since they are a whole community. There is no point in taking the risk of plagiarism which would lead to the deletion of the passage in question, accompanied by an inconspicuous mention in the thread of your page, indicating the deception.


Did you think we are finished here with the creation of a page? No! Once the page is created, you have to keep it alive with regular updates. Improvement, change of direction or publication of financial data, and all significant information must be shared on time. Also, keep an eye on the addition or modification of content by other users.

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