Wikipedia Challenge

Wikipedia- the biggest online encyclopedia is a hub of information. The best thing about the platform is the way it keeps on expanding. It provides information on almost every topic and subject. You do not have to hunt for anything elsewhere as the platform is full of rich information.

Wikipedia is known for its most reliable information. It has such an evaluation system that never let any flaw get on its platform. Moreover, being an open-source platform, it facilitates the readers to leave a review and quote the content, which is fiddled with flaws. So, in case of any irrelevant information or flawed aspects of content, the reader can easily report for changes. He can suggest his own alternatives as well. This feature helps in keeping the information well updated all the time.

How to create a Wikipedia page and maintain the quality to do so has a list of strict rules and policies, which you need to follow. Consider it a Wikipedia challenge but you need to adhere to the rules and policies in order to help your page gets the approval.

Secondly, for readers, vandalism is yet another Wikipedia challenge. They need to be sure about their reviews. If Wikipedia finds out any evil intention behind your request for the change or errors, it will block your account once and for all. So, let’s learn about the many Wikipedia challenges that a writer has to be careful of. Read on!

The Wikipedia Challenges To Get Your Page Approved

The following are the criteria for Wikipedia page creation and submission.

Research Unique Information

The first Wikipedia challenge is to research your information. You need to gather information from resourceful websites, which are credible and authentic. You need to practice the best techniques that can increase the effectiveness of your content. You need to gather such aspects that are valuable and interesting to spend time reading them. You have to think about the ways that can increase the readership of your page and for that, a unique topic search is also a vital aspect.

Writing Style

The next Wikipedia challenge is to compose the content in a way that garners attention. You need to add information in an easy to grasp style. It should have the aspects that can engage the readers and connect with them. If it’s about the Wikipedia biographies, it needs to have certain elements that can entice the reader and indulge him completely into the context.


It’s part of the Wikipedia challenge to compose content while following the right formats. You need to compose content that is aligned properly with the standard formats. For instance, in Wikipedia biographies, you have to first state the introduction of the person or the company you are writing about. After that, you have to divide the information into different sections starting from early life or the time of establishment.

From there, in short paragraphs, the information is laid down with proper stats and facts.

Similarly, when it comes to composing an article or research paper about any invention, you have to do the same. You have to state its every aspect in a proper format with subheadings to indicate as to what point you are talking about.

Wikipedia Policies

Apart from all the important Wikipedia challenges, the one most important tip is to keep a check on Wikipedia policies. You need to make sure that you completely adhere to every single aspect. You have to avoid adding promotional information; you need to stick to unbiased content. You have to avoid adding promotional content and make sure to increase the readability with less complicated jargon. Your content should be relevant to the subject you are writing about and it should have certain aspects that can increase the online visibility of the page.

Content Optimization

The next Wikipedia challenge is to optimize your content. You need to hunt down the most searched keywords that can increase the appearance of your content. You need to have the keywords that can bring your page in the recent searches along with following on the on-page search engine optimization techniques that you can. You need to have the proper knowledge as to how you can interact with your readers and garner more attention through your content making them stay on the page from start till the end.

Page Editing

Carry out a market analysis or read out the content present on other successfully published pages of Wikipedia to cop the tone and voice. You need to make sure if the content is composed on real grounds. You have to carry out a critical analysis to be sure about the context you have covered.


Before you submit your content, check if it has any errors present in it or not. You need to make sure that your content is error-free and it has no loopholes present in it. Your content should be free from every flaw. It should have simple-to-understand sentence structures and easy vocabulary that can increase the readability making the readers stay on it for longer.

Page Submission

To submit a page you may have to create a Wikipedia account. By having a profile you can tap into the activities and view what’s going on. You can check the progress of your page and see what changes can be made to increase authenticity. You have to fill out all the basic information and make sure to keep it legit.

The next step is to click on the unload page button where you will add the content file along with filling out the citation requirements and the content copyrights. You have to be sure to add the right citation as that is the most crucial part of getting a page approved. Once you have added the references and followed the format completely, you have to wait for at least a month or two for getting your page approved. The official editors will review your page and update you about the status.

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