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Ever wonder what makes Wikipedia so popular. Well, the biggest secret to prosper in the highly saturated online market is consistency and reliability. Surprisingly, both of these two aspects are fully catered by Wikipedia. The platform has an enormous online reach due to its ability to deliver content round the clock to the target audience.

According to the statistics, Wikipedia publishes around 600 new articles every day, particularly in the English language. Having content creation in over 300 languages the platform provides the facility to easily edit and review the content. Wikipedia is an open-source platform that allows its readers to make changes in case they find any flaw. With this feature, the platform remains updated and flawless.

Furthermore, a number of other features are there that make Wikipedia a great platform to promote your business. The extensive evaluation criteria involved on the platform makes it the best entity to gain information from; in addition, it has gained the highest credibility in the search engines with its transparent and advanced policies.

All such factors make the platform most suitable for marketing your business, services, product, or expertise. So, here are some of the most sim0ple-to-follow steps to create a Wiki page with the respective examples of Wikipedia. Read on!

Create Your Account

The first step is to create an account. You need to get on Wikipedia and have a profile of your own from where you can view the statistics of your page performance and create or upload content whenever you like. You can hunt for better examples of Wikipedia that will guide you about the easy ways to create a simple account by entering your basic personal information and credentials. The account will stay secure with no privacy breaching. You alone will be able to view your activities and those of your readers.

Topic Search

Wikipedia has a pretty dynamic topic search browser. You first have to make sure that the topic you are searching is unique and has never been covered before. Now to find that out you can tap into the Wikipedia directories, which will give you a detailed list of related topics. The green bar will highlight if the topic is completely covered or not. You can see which as expected is left to be covered.

Secondly, as per the examples of Wikipedia, you need to take care of the notability principle. You have to make sure that the topic you are covering or the person you are composing the biography on is notable. He should have some online recognition and the information you will be presenting should be valuable for the readers.

Research Your Content

Once you get your topic shortlisted, you need to carry out extensive research. You have to hunt for information that can increase the productivity of your page and maximize its online reach. You can check the examples of Wikipedia, which the platform listed down in its detailed article dedicated to guiding the writers about the research criteria.

You need to make sure that the topic you are covering is interesting and as per your preferences. Sometimes writers opt for the topic they don’t feel comfortable writing about. They compose an article with a weak foundation and irrelevant grounds. Therefore, of best to know how to and where to find the best information. You need to create the content by incorporating aspects that can double the effectiveness.

Content Creation

Next step is content creation. When you are done with gathering the resources and creating the profile, you now have to begin composing your article or biography. Write with a fresh mind and try to stick to keeping readability in your content. You need to make the content easy-to-grasp and fun to spend time on. Your content should not have too much complication or intricate vocabulary.

You have to compose an article that can indulge a greater group of the target audience. The better you write the more audience will be gathered. The next aspect included in the examples of Wikipedia revolves around optimization. You need to optimize your content using the most searched keywords. The secret to making your content viral on search engines or increase its accessibility is to add keywords that can make it easier to reach out to the audience.


Apart from content creation and research, if your formatting is not appropriate and does not look professional your article will get rejected eventually. Therefore, follow the examples of Wikipedia and compose an article that has short sentences, well-formatted paragraphs, and bullets. You need to compose content with a respective layout in mind while keeping the reader’s journey in mind.


The last aspect of content is to cite the references. You need to find out better websites and platforms to gather information. Citation is of great importance in Wikipedia. If you do not add the references, your article will get rejected. You need to follow the proper format to cite that may include Harvard style referencing or APA format. Your citation will highlight how credible the article is and will give another outlet to the readers to hunt for the detailed information.


Composing an error-free content is one of the most important examples of Wikipedia. You need to make sure that your content is error-free. It should be readable and free from any sentence structure. You need to compose an article or biography, which is flawless, and even if it’s not you have to make sure it’s of the highest quality by scrutinizing it properly.

Submission Guidelines

Once you have submitted your content for the official review the editors will look into every single aspect and analyze if your content is worth submitting or not. As per the examples of Wikipedia, you may find a number of guidelines listed which are a must-to-follow aspect of the page creation services. Your page may get published within 15 to 20 working days. It may take more than that depending upon your topic and information.

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